«You can be more than just a wife»

By |July 24, 2018|

My name is Grace Kumanda. I work in an organization in Malawi called Pacacherry which literally means «Under a fear tree» — because we talk about things people are not comfortable to talk about: sexism, early marriages and sex-work.

Barriers to access to HIV testing for adolescents

By |December 28, 2017|

Report “Barriers in access to HIV testing for adolescents and youth in three EECA countries” describes key barriers in access to HIV testing for adolescents and youth.

Strategy Overview till 2020

By |December 18, 2017|

In August 2017, Teenergizer teams from Poltava, Kiev, Tbilisi, Kazan and St. Petersburg met in Armenia to participate in the first regional strategic planning. As a result, "Strategy of Teenergizer of 2020" was created.

First National forum with international participation

By |November 12, 2017|

From the 31st of October until 4th of November Teenergizer held its First National forum with international participation in Kiev. The Forum’s goals were a creation of a universal platform, unified youth power for

Story like yours

By |March 2, 2017|

It’s not just a collection of stories and descriptions of some life situations. This is truly the Big Book of Hopes!

We offer you a report «Access to Continuous Care for HIV Positive Adolescents in Ukraine»

By |January 12, 2017|

This Report provides a situation analysis of services provided to HIV positive adolescents in Ukraine to meet their health, emotional and psychological needs. This Report has been within the UNICEF supported project «Strengthening of Service Providing Community Networks and Leadership Skills of Adolescents Affected by HIV/AIDS».

Мобильное приложение T! app

By |December 2, 2016|

Новый доклад ЮНЭЙДС «Ускорение мер: подход к ВИЧ-инфекции на основе жизненного цикла человека» показывает, что страны активизировали свои усилия – спустя всего шесть месяцев, в период с января по июнь 2016 года, доступ к лечению

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