The International AIDS Conference is one of the biggest event in the field of HIV epidemic control in the world. Every two years more than 15,000 participants gather in one point of the world. Among them, there are scientists, human rights activists and people who are not indifferent to the problem of HIV / AIDS. In 2018 the event will be held in Amsterdam on 23rd-27th of July. You have a unique opportunity to participate in this valuable event.

The conference will start in

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About the conference

How can my voice be heard at the Conference?

  • You can make a presentation related to the needs of adolescents affected by HIV of the EECA region, or choose any other topic that relates to the AIDS 2018 Conference.
  • Your abstract, or a summary of the research work, can be added in the abstract-book, and all participants of the Conference will be familiar with your ideas and achievement.

Why is it important?

  • We are the only ones (adolescents and young people) who know and can tell to the people, who are making a decision, about the real HIV situation in our region.
  • It is important for us to draw a public attention to the HIV problem in our region. According to statistics, adolescents and young people from Eastern Europe and Central Asia are in the area of a high risk of infection.
  • We are the only ones who can offer the effective methods of HIV prevention in our region with our current experience.
  • We are the only ones (a new generation of activists) who can realize the idea of the epidemic liquidation in our region after the AIDS 2018 Conference.

How will Teenergizer help me to participate in Conference?

  • Our activists will help you to fill out the application form.
  • Mentors from different countries will give you recommendations in how to write an abstract.
  • Amsterdam Youth Force, a youth platform of AIDS 2018, will provide with guideline and support you in participation in the AIDS 2018 Conference.
  • A group of volunteers will answer all your questions related to the AIDS 2018 Conference.


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