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Teenergizer Online Counselling is the beginning of solving your problems. Here you can get professional help from psychologists and peer counsellors without judgment and unnecessary advice.
We help, not teach to live.
If something bothers you, no matter what – the first sex, bullying at school, or perhaps you just found out about your HIV status and need support – write to us. We’re on the line!
Remember, this is free and anonymous.

If you need help and want to talk, don't be silent. Free and confidential

💕 What is peer counselling?

This is psychological support and help to adolescents from peer counsellors. All those who help you on our website are psychology students who themselves were teenagers only recently and understand your problems very well. They are ready to listen, give an advice and support in difficult times. You can write about any of your problems, even if someone thinks that "this makes no sense".

💕 How to start?

Click on the button "Start a consultation" below. Write your story or whatever you'd like to talk about in the chat!

💕 How long will it take for an answer?

We work from 9:00 to 23:00 Kyiv time. The maximum waiting time is 15-20 minutes. If you write us at a different time, we will answer you within 24 hours.

💕 How long can you talk to a consultant?

The duration of the consultation depends on the request you are making. Usually consultations last from 30 minutes to an hour. Also, our clients often write us again to have better understanding of the problem that was discussed before. They may have new questions, or they want to tell us if it was possible to solve their problem. Some of our consultants help teenagers on an ongoing basis.

💕 How much does it cost?

You can contact a peer counsellor or a psychologist for free! All you need to have is internet access.

If you want to talk, don't be silent.
Free and confidential.

Topics that can be discussed with consultants

Self development
My rights

Hi, I have been openly living with HIV since I was 13 and I can say for sure that it is not just a sentence. Here I am to answer your questions. You can trust me because I meet thousands of teenagers around the world, and I can say that there is a way out of any situation. I’ll say for sure that I won’t solve your problems, because only you can help yourself. But, perhaps, once you learned about my experience, you will be able to answer your questions.


I understand how difficult it is to be a teenager and what difficulties you have to face. Are you not accepted by those closest to you? Do you have a hard time taking your appearance and body? Do you have a fear of the future? I am glad to help and support you — text me! We can always talk about this.


Who said that sex is a forbidden, shameful, closed topic and that you can’t talk about IT? Let’s frankly and without judgment discuss such a natural phenomenon as sex and everything that is connected with it? In the section “About sex” you can get high-quality and interesting information about sex, and I will be happy to answer your questions and help you sort out your own feelings. After all, sex is about love and self-care, let’s talk about it?

Maria Zhibchin

I am sure that every teenager is amazing and unique :)

I understand and relate to all your feelings and experiences. I understand and relate to all your feelings and experiences. Each of you is a person and an important member of society. Always with an open heart, I am ready to relive together any moments of your life, help, support and answer all questions.

(Telegram, Viber)

Olya Panfilova

I always dream of a beautiful, great, and grandiose.

The Teenergizer project, apparently, is such. I am proud that I have been working with teenagers for a very long time. I know each of you is talented, unique, incomparable. If you are experiencing difficulties or you just have questions – write, call, I will answer everyone. And yes, cheer up!

(Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber)

Svetlana Izambaeva

I help to gain strength and accept your HIV status.

I am the mother of 4 children, and also engage in social activities. I have been living with HIV for 15 years. I am a clinical psychologist by education. My specialization includes neuropsychology, trauma therapy, gestalt therapy, as well as ART therapy. I know how to cope with the problems and I will answer all the questions!

(Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber)

Lina Gorelova

I want to add understanding to this world while preserving the value of everyone, and without infringing on personal boundaries. During consultations, I can help you to understand the causes of situations and possible constructive solutions for changes. Positiveness is good when there are resources and we can find them together.


Muhammad Dior

Мен коп жылдан бери жаш оспурумдор менен иштешип келем. 

Эгерде мен сени менен озумдун тажрыйбам менен болушо алсам жана адис катары кенеш бере алсам – мен аябай кубанычта болом. Мен оптимистмин жана позитивдуу жашоонун куйорманымын. Кандай гана жагдай болбосун, чечим чыгарууга болот. 

Тартынба – мага жаз!

(WhatsApp, Telegram)

Elmira Shamsutdinova

Өз өмірін күрделі өзгерткісі келетін жасөспірімдерді қарсы аламын. Менің мамандығым өмірді жаңа түстерде, жаңа өмір толқындарына икемделуге, өзгерістерді қабылдауға, олармен өмір сүруге көмектеседі, өмір біз ойлағаннан өзгеше болуы мүмкін.

+7 701 745 0201
(WhatsApp, Telegram)

Galina Donchuk

I believe that all problems come from childhood. I really love working with the guys, because today’s teenagers are our future. Don’t be afraid to open up and be yourself. I am always happy to help you realize your importance, value and power.

+996 559 003 034
(WhatsApp, Telegram)

Gulsim Kabdolda

Мен сұхбаттасушы, дос, өз ісінің кәсіби маманы ретінде көмекке мұқтаж жасөспірімдермен және жастармен жұмыс істеймін. Өмір керемет және әртүрлі дыбыстарда естіледі – жақсы немесе жаман, бұл саған байланысты. Егер сіз бір нәрсе өзгерту керек және оның уақыты келді деп ойласаңыз – маған жазыңыз, мен әрдайым жауап қайтарамын!

+7 7752818008
(WhatsApp, Telegram)

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    Вам спасибо! В такой поддержке очень нуждаються подростки, уверена что еще не раз к вам обращусь

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