Оля Панфилова

Olia Panfilova

I always dream of beautiful, great, grandiose.
The Teenergizer! Project seems to be right so.

And yes, I’m not modest at all. I am proud to work with children and teenagers for a very long time. Sometimes I see in my dreams my classroom where I`m a teacher.

I am glad that despite all the difficulties, I remain true to you, dear children, because you are life, with you it is great and interesting. I know each of you is talented and unique.

If you have any difficulties or questions — write, call, I will answer.

And yes, cheer up!

+38 (066) 136-33-14

Anastasia Medko

I’m a theater-art-client centered psychotherapist, and understanding is very important for me. I could say that I love children, but I treat all my clients as partners and adults. All people are born equal — this is my religion.

Anastasia Medko is a practicing psychologist, trainer at the Personality Development Center «TrainingBOX», director of the «Attic» social theater , consultant in client-centered approach, art therapist. Nastia leads mutual support groups, therapeutic groups in NGOs, works in the sphere of sand therapy. She has created and develops an amateur improvisational theater, addressing social problems and advocacy.

+38 (093) 770-75-33

Мария Жибчин

Maria Zchibchin

Each teenager is amazing and unique,
I am sure about it :)

I understand and I’m close to all of your feelings and worries.

My daytime is full of impressions and communications with teenagers. Each of you is a person and an important member of the society.

I`m always ready to overcome any difficult moments of your life together, help, support and answer all your questions with an open heart.

+38 (050) 139-57-36

Svetlana Izambaeva

I help you find strength and accept your HIV status.

Мама 4 детей, общественный деятель, живу с ВИЧ 15 лет.
Образование: клинический (медицинский) психолог специализация: нейропсихолог, травма терапевт, гештальт терапевт, АРТ-терапевт.

Peer-to-Peer Consultants

Яна Панфилова

Yana Panfilova

Sick of your parents, teachers, friends, acquaintances? They don’t understand you, or you don’t understand this world? Then talk to me!

Of course, I will not solve all your problems, only you can help yourself. But perhaps, having learned about my experience, you yourself will answer your questions. And if you are not worried about anything, we can just have a nice talk.
Welcome, people!)

Даниил Столбунов

Daniil Stolbunov

The most pleasant thing is to meet a person who would listen.
And it’s even more pleasant to help someone. I am here for this.
Write, I’ll be happy to listen and help you to understand this world.

Влада Фомина

Vlada Fomina

I will not give you advice, I just can share my own experience, because I’m 17, and sometimes I completely wig out.