Autumn and a bit of winter with Teenergizer teams

By |January 22, 2020|

Hi, I haven’t seen you for a while! We hope everyone has already finished new years’ salads and had a good time with people dear to your heart. You just can’t imagine how many interesting events happened

With whom to talk about sex?

By |December 10, 2019|

Teenagers and sex are a topic that adults are afraid to talk about at home and at school. And while these or those are afraid of these topics, teenagers and young people are discussing everything

«You can be more than just a wife»

By |July 24, 2018|

My name is Grace Kumanda. I work in an organization in Malawi called Pacacherry which literally means «Under a fear tree» — because we talk about things people are not comfortable to talk about: sexism, early marriages and sex-work.

Barriers to access to HIV testing for adolescents

By |December 28, 2017|

Report “Barriers in access to HIV testing for adolescents and youth in three EECA countries” describes key barriers in access to HIV testing for adolescents and youth.

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