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With whom to talk about sex?


Teenagers and sex are a topic that adults are afraid to talk about at home and at school. And while these or those are afraid of these topics, teenagers and young people are discussing everything with each other. And with whom else?

Interest in one’s own body and sexuality is a normal occurrence in the life of every person. Due to the total ban on the topic of sex around, many of us even in childhood have a sense of shame: talking about sex and exploring our body is considered something dirty and causes condemnation.

However, the need for such conversations is nowhere to be found, just like sex hormones, first love or the need to love someone.

Adults should be the primary source of information about sexuality and their own sexuality. In the case when adults cease to be the source of the necessary information, we, teenagers, look for it on questionable sites, in porn, or, at best, learn about sex from friends. Or, if you’re lucky, find an online sex education course.

Lucky today!

We will talk about one of the most useful courses related to sexual health and education. He is recommended in articles of the New Ukrainian School, and these guys can definitely be trusted :)

The first in Ukraine mass online course “Sexual Education” from the Elena Pinchuk Foundation on quality sexuality education, the rules of safe sex and a healthy attitude to one’s own sexuality.

In addition, it can help adults start talking about sex with teens, dispel myths and answer the most common questions young people may have.

A significant advantage is that not only opinion leaders and specialists in the field of medicine and psychology explain the information on the course, but also the adolescents themselves.

This is how we, for example. Although, why “how”?
And we are there: our Yana Panfilova and Dania Stolbunov also acted as speakers and told the whole truth and myths about HIV / AIDS.

In addition to our topic, in these video lectures, teenagers and adults will be able to learn about safety and consent in sex, condoms and contraception, porn, and even how to live a sex life if you are a person with a disability.

All materials are developed by psychotherapists and specialists in the field of sexual education.

As already noted, considerable attention is paid to safety issues and psychological aspects of adolescent sexual relations, as well as their communication with parents. The language of lectures is simple and straightforward.

The course is free. All you need to go through is access to the Internet at a speed sufficient to watch video lectures. Having successfully completed all the tasks of the course, everyone can receive a certificate of completion with the signature of the teacher.

Teenage interest in issues of one’s own sexuality is normal. The main thing is to start talking about it. And you can start today.

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