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Autumn and a bit of winter with Teenergizer teams


Hi, I haven’t seen you for a while!

We hope everyone has already finished new years’ salads and had a good time with people dear to your heart.

You just can’t imagine how many interesting events happened during this time in our Teenergizer teams! In short, we had internships and VICHerinka (HIV-party), we played the Friendship Match with a basketball club and studied the Youth Wellbeing Index. We also celebrated the 4th birthday of Teenergizer, met at the National Forum, which was held in the sunny capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe, and together celebrated the new decade!



Three months of autumn and December were insanely eventful for the Teenergizer team from Kyiv:

Participated in important meetings at the national level

Our Yana Panfilova participated in the start of the campaign #невідазарадидітей  – this is a partnership project of and Durex in which 1 hryvnia from each package of Durex condoms will be directed to the development of the Mobile Clinics project to update equipment and technical support for clinic cars. Teenager activist of the Teenergizer team participated in a forum of allies of the LGBTQI+ community and the March for the climate.

Our guys took part in the first meeting of the public sector with the new team of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, participated in the discussion of the new youth strategy 2030 (for which Daniil and Yana received diplomas?). One of our trainee, Platon, participated in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child directly in the Parliament of Ukraine! Daniil also took part in the conference “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights start at schools”.

But the coolest thing is that we spoke at an expert discussion of the draft law on changes in the legislation regarding teenagers. Follow our news :)

Participated in important meetings internationally

Daniil represented Ukraine in Cairo, at the youth section of the International Conference on Population Development.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Marina participated in a panel discussion on young people in the field of advocacy, which took place in Berlin.

In Rio de Janeiro, Yana conducted advocacy training for local activists from Latin America, and then was at the NON-Formal Education forum, where all activists and scouts from around the world gathered.

They went on the air on radio and TV-channels

On the talk show TV channel “Straight” – Crime! Our Polina talked about our special project #OneFromThree, which talks about the problem of violence against women.

At the UA: Ukrainian radio we talked about sexuality education, and at the UA: Radio Promіn talked about HIV / AIDS, the ECCA region and our work, as well as legislative changes that we are promoting.

Educated and loved new family members

During this time, we managed to launch an internship, which 15 guys successfully completed. We are extremely pleased that such cool teens joined the Kyiv Teenergizer family! But we did not stop there!

New peer consultants who are now ready to help you in our online consultations have also been trained (look for a dude on our website ?).

And we managed to complete a series of training meetings for representatives of member organizations of the Youth Working Group at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

And last but not least, VICHerinka (HIV-party) with Goodwill Ambassador and long-time friend of Teenergizer, fantastic and bright Vera Brezhneva. We spoke frankly about HIV and therapy, which helps to live quality, about mental health and visits to psychologists/psychotherapists, about bullying on the Internet and much more. All guests were could find out about their HIV status free and anonymously.

Mykolaiv and Kremenchuk

September in Mykolaiv began with the VICHerinka (HIV-party) from the local Teenergizer team with the Ukrainian clothing designer – Rina Budarina. In October, the Teenergizer team in Kremenchuk barged in with a cool VICHerinka (HIV-party) with the participation of Happy Family and DJ Maxi. Both in Mykolaiv and in Kremenchuk, the guys openly talked about HIV, STDs and sexual and reproductive health in general, and also covered the topic of mental health.

Our Teenergizer teams in Mykolaiv and Kremenchuk also worked on the study of the Youth Wellbeing Index in their cities with the support of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine. So, it was possible to learn that the Wellbeing Index in Kremenchuk is 0.79, and in Mykolaiv – 0, 65. Look for more information here.

Kryvyi Rih

The Teenergizer team in Kryvyi Rih kept up and managed to conduct internships for teenage activists and attract new members to their Teenergizer family. Besides, the guys participated in the mini-camp and talked about bullying and mental health, and they learned to build safe sexual relationships, also to realize and protect their rights at the training “Respect. Love. Sex.”. They also participated in the training on the topic “Human Rights and Equality”, participated in a panel discussion at the Forum “SexEducation Dnipro”. They even wrote about one of the training on the site – read here.

On December 1, the guys held VICHerinka (HIV-party), talked about sexual health, human rights, discussed who a sexually educated teenager is, learned how to use a condom as a means of protection against HIV. Asked questions about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) of HIV. Watch the video about VICHerinka (HIV-party) at 1:28 here.

We ended the year with a wrap-up and delicious pizza. ?



The Teenergizer team also managed to make a lot of cool stuff! The guys managed to hold a mega-interesting internship in which participated 25 teenage activists. The large-scale VICHerinka (HIV-party) was the completion of training and the beginning of new ideas and plans. To make you understand, the team made VICHerinka (HIV-party) with three Instagram bloggers with a total audience of more than 2.5 million subscribers, say whaaat? If you want to dive into the atmosphere, click here.

But on this, they did not even think to stop! In late November, the Teenergizer team held a Friendship Match with the BC “UNIC”. It was cool to throw the ball into the basket with professionals! The team ended the year 2019 with a big New Year celebration for HIV-positive children and a warm, even family summing up with delicious pizza?.


Osh and Bishkek

Our Teenergizer teams in Kyrgyzstan also managed a lot! The team members managed to conduct their first internships, conduct many trainings for schoolchildren and speak at important meetings. Just see how many participants were at the Teenergizer team trainings in Osh??.

And also, very soon they will have VICHerinka (HIV-party), so stay tuned ?.



Our guys from Teenergizer in Almaty trained not only schoolchildren and teenagers but also medical workers and school teachers, having conducted a whole series of trainings for them. Apart from that Dasha and Yana came to visit the team, we had many important meetings, but the most important was a meeting with the teenage activists of the team. They are real inspiration and motivation! ?

And the guys themselves went on business trips to Nur-Sultan (once), Dushanbe (twice) and went on a visit to the UN agency (three times). Celebrated Halloween and New Year. On the eve of December 1 – World AIDS Day, they went on the air at SectorX and on the demonstration on the streets. They also organized the Winter Leadership School.

How do teams manage to be so diverse? – We also don’t know, but we are very proud of each of the Teenergizer teams, despite the cities and countries. We are a big family, united by love to pizza and to the world we are living in and which we improve!

Stay tuned for that! ?

Your Teenergizer ?

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