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Teenergizer at Ukrainian Youth Forum: “Recovery in Unity!”

  1. Boo We are always delighted to be involved in events that are relevant and supportive for young people! At the Ukrainian Youth Forum last week, our team members Zhenya, Tamila and Lisa discussed the importance of promoting mental health at both regional and national levels.

At the forum, Teenergizer was also a member of a working group of NGOs that developed a proposal for the President of Ukraine to support the EU’s Ukraine Facility programme and include a line item to support youth activities.

The form raised a variety of issues:

Volunteering and its impact on human capital and economic development in Ukraine

Youth and decision-making processes: how, where and why

Youth infrastructure: achievements, challenges and opportunities for development. Experience of communities

Civic education and its impact on the quality of partnership between youth and the state

Youth and recovery: why investing in youth is a long-term winning strategy?

Youth in the rear and on the frontline: synergy to achieve victory

Accessibility: how to create conditions for all

Identity in a global world. Staying Ukrainian

The forum was also attended by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal.

We are very grateful for organising such a large-scale and important event: UNICEF Ukraine, USAID Ukraine, UNDP Ukraine and the Council on Youth Affairs under the President of Ukraine.


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