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New life?! Maybe

Are you ready to start new live? Actually, you don’t know real answer.

Everyone of us imagine your own perfect life. Life which you can see in films or read about, where u would achieve everything from the first trying, be very successful and would not have any faults. But I want to ask you a question: Are u actually perfect to have a such life? I am sure all of you would say «No».

At first sight , life is easy. You just live and try different things live in different places and do whatever u want. For throughout our life we make a lot of mistakes: choose wrong thing, job, friends and so on. And you can’t prevent your  mistakes ,you just try and see what happened next. However, everyone of us has some white and black stripes. Sometimes we feel frustrated and lost, we don’t know what to do, how to act. We do not know why we can’t get what we want while others do it so easily and seems so happy. But what I want to say is that whatever will happened to you.  It is your life — It is your own destiny.

Your way is not the easy one. You will have a lot of struggles with yourself and others. You will change your character a lot of times, priorities, friends. But I still think the only thing has to stay changeless is your ability to be happy for others victories, not faults. It is what makes us all humans.

Why not just overwhelm all this? Never look and think about past, but for the future. Live with no envy and regrets. Be happy for what you already have and of course look for a new horizons.

Thanks for your attention guys . You are the best .

P.S. Believe in yourself

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