Annual report 2019-2021

For our team, the last three years have been hardworking and challenging. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have learned to live in the new world. We have learned to study and work in a completely new format. We have learned to adapt to any circumstances with lightning speed. We have learned to accept the fact that not everything in life happens the way we want. Teenergizer's achievements can be found in the new report: Скачать (PDF, Unknown)

With whom to talk about sex?

Teenagers and sex are a topic that adults are afraid to talk about at home and at school. And while these or those are afraid of these topics, teenagers and young people are discussing everything with each other. And with whom else? Interest in one's own body and sexuality is a normal occurrence in the life of every person. Due to the total ban on the topic of sex around, many of us even in childhood have a sense of…