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Summer in regional teams. How we spent this summer


Summer ended suddenly, and as if yesterday was June the 1st. Someone was resting, someone was working but we worked and chilled at the same time.

In three months, many events and changes have occurred in the life of the Teenergizer family.


Kiev team almost forgot what rest and vacation are. During these 3 summer months, our guys managed to engage people at the Osten-Saken, AtlasWeekend and «Educational Hype» festivals. To attend the PENTA conference in Minsk and meet with teenagers there. We managed to conduct trainings in Kiev, Slavyansk, Odessa and Chernivtsi. We visited Poltava and worked hard at Sex-educational camp 2019, performed in the finals of the Healthy Challenge 2019 project in the Dnipro. We sat at the round table of the Healthy Future advocacy campaign and participated in a meeting of the Youth Working Group at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We conducted a VICHerinka (HIVparty) with brilliant Ivan Dorn, where we talked about HIV, the importance of sexual health in life. Our member Danya Stolbunov spoke in the framework of the School of Success project, and Yana Panfilova received the Prize of the Laureate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, what we are extremely proud of! This summer ended for us with watermelon in hands and developed action plan for the whole year ahead.

Our team in Kryvyi Rih during this time managed to launch an internship for adolescents and young people of the city. They also held an informational and precautionary meeting with children of boarding school No. 9 on the topic “Prevention of HIV transmission among adolescents”.

Teenergizer Kryvyi Rih volunteers visited a shelter for stray dogs, together with the ray of life – a public organization for the protection of animals. While someone conquered a wave with a board on the ocean, Teenergizer Kryvyi Rih conquered the television wave of Kryvyi Rih television channel “Pervy Gorodskoy” by taking part in a live broadcast and talking about the activities of the volunteer movement in the city. Keeping up with the guys from Kiev, the team participated in a working meeting with activists of the youth volunteer movement.

Kremenchug team managed to complete the internship in their city, which means that VICHerinka (HIVparty) market will be held very soon, where there will be a lot of engaging and beneficial things. The team also managed to conduct educational events in learning institutions (while there were still students there). We held a working meeting on the basis of the City Council, with representatives of the department of family and children, youth and sports, health, TsSSSDM, Kremenchug. And also, the team is already started to work on the Youth Wellbeing Index.

Nikolaev team also boasts successful internships, and the VICHerinka (HIVparty) is already at the last stage of preparation. The team, in parallel with the Kremenchug team, is launching work on the Youth Wellbeing Index, so if you want to join the study, write us. Keeping up with the others, the Nikolaev guys met with the deputy head of the education department of the Nikolaev city council in order to write and implement social projects together with the local authorities.


Kazan team has concentrated on conducting mutual assistance groups. Nevertheless, the guys met to fill out a T-map (which, by the way, will help you find places where you can take an HIV test, trendy locations where you can eat and hang out with friends). Very soon we are launching a new internship, as the guys were preparing for it all summer, and they are preparing not one, but two VICHerinka’s (HIVparties)! It will be useful and fun as always – make sure you follow us social network accounts.

The city of white nights in the summer pleased us with the good news – Zlata Panktratova became the team coordinator. So, from an activist, she became the leader of the team. And already in July, St. Petersburg was partying and testing people for HIV at the territory of the “DK im. Strip”.  The performances of musicians from the project ZVUKOXOD, Grishuny and Vita were accompanied with delicious vegan food. In a cozy atmosphere, the attendees talked about physical and psychological safety during sex and about HIV infection. About 80 guests visited the VICHerinka (HIVparty), who were given handouts about HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, clean syringes and condoms.


Osh also boasts successful summer work, despite the heat and desire to relax. Over the summer, the team conducted self-help groups for HIV-positive adolescents. Organized a huge VICHerinka (HIVparty) (see photos in the carousel). The guys from our team were co-trainers in the camp for children living with HIV. And on August 21, Osh became the second city in Kyrgyzstan to sign the Paris Declaration on Accelerating Measures to Eliminate the AIDS Epidemic in Large Cities. Madina – an activist of the team took part in the official opening of the event, which we are very proud of!

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